Best Compact Under Seat Subwoofer For Your Car

These days, just about each and every audio manufacturer makes some type of compact (tiny) subwoofer possibility. It can be tiny sufficient to go under the seat of your car. If you have to pay awareness to something in technological innovation, you’d know that larger is not generally better–especially when it comes to audio. The compact subwoofer is an increasing category that can put that punch into your sound devoid of cluttering your living space.

From time to time we just don’t have sufficient room in our trunk or don’t have a trunk at all, that’s wherever having and the best compact subwoofers come into play. Subwoofer and speakers under your car seat are ideal for sound systems. There are tons of excellent options to opt for from when you don’t have a trunk or want to use your trunk. By placing it under your seat, it works like a subwoofer in the trunk due to the fact it is mainly enclosed under there. Let’s take a peek at some of top promoting under the seat car subwoofers that carry out with excellent high-quality sound.

How To Choose The Best Compact (Under Seat) Subwoofer for Your Car

It’s only significant before buying a subwoofer or under set subwoofer box to examine how much room you’re working with under. It’s your safest bet to take 5 minutes of your time to measure the places to make sure by yourself how much room you really have. About 99% of the time theses custom under the seat subwoofer box do fit but why risk that 1% when you can examine the measurements by yourself with a tape measure. That way you can get a strategy of how huge of a subwoofer you can get as effectively.

Following is the list:

Alpine PWE-V80

Alpine is a Japanese electronic component manufacturer that specializes in car audio equipment. They have been founded in 1967. They are and generally have been one of the most recognized brands in car audio business. Alpine presents a broad variety of high-quality products such as car speakers, amplifiers, head units (the two single and double din stereos) and subwoofers of various varieties.

The PWE-V80 by Alpine is one of the best under seat subwoofers on the marketplace. It’s also one of the most expensive. On the other hand, this is a quite effectively-engineered slim subwoofer and would be an excellent investment for everyone who’s searching for a solid ready-to-use subwoofer that’s built with high-quality in mind.

If you want to improve and include some respectable bass to your factory stereo system setup no muss no fuss, then the PWE-V80 is an excellent possibility to look at. It can be additional to your stereo sound system in just a couple of uncomplicated, simple steps. Its shallow design makes it perfect for under-seat installation.

This tiny subwoofer is fitted with a compact 8″ subwoofer powered by a respectable constructed-in amplifier. The PWE-V80 has a variable low pass filter of 50Hz – 100Hz. It comes with speaker level and RCA inputs, as effectively as a phase selector switch. A wired remote handle is also integrated.

In terms of cons, it is really complicated to think of any. Our objective here is not to convince you to go out and splurge on the most expensive under seat subwoofer. Very honestly, this subwoofer is not even shut to the most expensive powered subwoofers we’ve seen.

Kenwood KSC-SW11

Kenwood is one of the most authoritative brand names in this business. They’ve been close to for a quite long time. They have produced a title for themselves in the audio business producing and promoting a broad array of audio equipment such as car speakers, subwoofers, amps, head units as effectively as a Hi-Fi personalized audio, and amateur radio equipment.

The Kenwood KSC-SW11 is one of the best promoting powered under seat subwoofers on the marketplace. It’s quite reasonably priced, and it would an excellent resolution to everyone who’s wanting to even more increase the bass in their system devoid of taking up a great deal of space.

The KSC-SW11 incorporates an 8-inch subwoofer powered by 75 watts RMS by the constructed-in amplifier. This compact powered enclosed subwoofer functions a quite high sensitivity rating of 110 dB which is pretty impressive. And as a matter of reality, a subwoofer with high sensitivity rating involves much less power to play louder than a sub model with low sensitivity.

The KSC-SW11 comes with a wired remote handle so you can alter the bass from the driver’s seat. Although the Kenwood KSC-SW11 is built specifically for cars, I don’t see something incorrect if you use it in home theaters or media rooms to make sure that each and every chunk of music you hear reaches its total power and simulate film going experience.

Kicker Compact Powered Sub

Kicker is one of the most legendary when it comes to clear-sounding, ground-pounding bass. They make some of the best tough-kicking car subwoofers on the marketplace, and the “Hideaway Compact Powered Sub” is no exception.

It’s one of the best compact powered subwoofers under $350. The Kicker Hideaway Compact Powered Subwoofer has surprising low-frequency output from a remarkably tiny enclosure, setting a new conventional in plug-and-play bass effectiveness and ease in an automobile. The Hideaway has a 150-watt class D amplifier and an 8-inch heavy-duty subwoofer to include respectable thumping bass to any automobile from the tightest spots. It comes with a speedy-connect power plug and Velcro®-fastened nylon straps for smooth, secure installation and simple but rapidly elimination.

The speedy-connect plug and harness entail power, signal and remote turn-on. You can easily fine-tune bass ranges on the fly, variable +6dB bass enhancement, adjustable low-pass crossover, two automated turn-on options and a phase-cancelling switch for max output. It also functions high- and low-level inputs for smooth integration with nearly any aftermarket or factory single or double DIN head unit.

The only downside I can reasonably think of is the value. The Kicker Hideaway is a bit expensive. On the other hand, there are even now pretty a couple of persons we’d recommend this to. To start with, like all slim powered subwoofers, the Kicker Hideaway is geared to the demands of persons with quite limited space in their motor vehicles. The Kicker Hideaway will save you the hassle of discovering the rights enclosure and amplifier for your subwoofer, wiring, and matching the amplifier to the sub …etc.

Moreover, the Kicker Hideaway is an all-in-one unit, so there is only one equipment you will require to find a mounting place for. All in all, Kicker Hideaway is one of the best tiny subwoofers, and when you select it up, you will know wherever the more bucks went.

Boss Audio BASS800

The BASS800 by Boss Audio is an additional excellent low-profile amplified subwoofer system under $100. It’s fitted with a solid, heavy duty 8″ subwoofer featuring Polypropylene cone woofer and rubber surround.

This excellent searching enclosed powered subwoofer is capable of slamming out a respectable thumping bass. It’s built to manage up to 280 watts power on a steady basis and to accurately reproduce quite low frequencies.

The BASS800 comes with a remote subwoofer level handle, variable low pass filter, subsonic filter, and bass enhance for even more flexibility. And for security functions, it is fitted with thermal, overload and short safety circuits. It also comes with high level and RCA low-level inputs, making it a universal resolution for use with practically any factory-set up or aftermarket head unit. The constructed-in amplifier functions a low-pass crossover, and a handle for adjusting the input sensitivity from .2V to 6V.