Best Kicker Subwoofer | Reviews for 2017

Kicker’s ingenuity is the reason why they’re one of the top rated contenders for the best car audio parts. The consequence of that ingenuity is the manufacturing of Kicker’s L7 Series Solo-Baric subwoofers. We will review them in this article, but specifically the S12L74 a 12″ dual 4-ohm L7 subwoofer.


Power managing and that is all I have to say. But really, this mighty subwoofer could manage monstrous 1,500 watts max with 750 watts RMS. Contrary to other less expensive companies, when Kicker says they feature a 750 watts RMS, they really do mean 750 watts RMS. This usually means you can put out persistently loud (if supplied with appropriate power) bass on any provided day and is capable of peaking at 1500 watts.

The cone is remarkably not manufactured of any unusual materials but uses injection molded polypropylene. Nonetheless, it is a one piece building in a patented design Kicker dubbed as “SoloKon”. It is a square design, permitting for more surface spot and more bass manufacturing. To top rated it all off, the surround is Santoprene rubber that is stitched to the cone, giving a remarkably tough building that will certain to prevent tearing during higher power usage.

The subwoofer is pricey but you get what you pay out for and this subwoofer will undoubtedly impress you with its high quality and SPL. With all these good punching attributes, the subwoofer does have one more disadvantage other than the selling price, and that is its break-in period.

The design calls for the client to use the subwoofer at reduced ranges for at least twenty hours or about two weeks. This will enable the suspension structure to move close to a bit before it is pushed to its optimum capability. It truly is a whole lot like how stiff baseball gloves are when you get them brand new from the store, and they call for a bit of breaking in and wearing before it can be used properly. However, consumers will run a big threat of blowing out the speakers if they do not effectively stick to Kicker’s recommendation.

Newer Model Modifications Notes

The 2008 and newer models will feature a modified SoloKon design with complete back bracing to enable more productive air motion and perimeter venting. It seems a whole lot like a hand holding a square bowl the place as the older models have virtually no openings for venting.

Consequently, there is no will need for extra mounting space for venting-providing you the very same effective subwoofer with a much shallower mounting depth. The cone design has changed a bit as properly, providing the 2008 models a fresh but fashionable new look and never fear about power dealing with for the reason that power ratings are rated at the very same as the older models. Binding posts have also been repositioned to the corners of the subs. This will enable for a more practical set up for various subwoofer setups.


The Kicker 08S12L74 is a magnificent subwoofer and will perform admirably at high power ranges with awesome bass sounds. This subwoofer includes a whole lot of high-performance quality parts and construction, and the subwoofer will do just what you assume it to do. If you have the extra cash and if you happen to be willing to go through the break-in method, you may be rewarded by this good Kicker subwoofer.