The Best Powered Subwoofers For Cars

If you’re searching for a compact, all-in-one, bass system for your car, a powered subwoofer is a way to go. A powered subwoofer has both the woofer and amplifier in one single enclosure. Which means there’s only one piece of equipment you’ll need to mount. Powered subs are regarded as being quite compact so that they won’t take up too much space in your motor vehicle.

Though these subs can be a difference maker regarding high-quality bass, their smaller drivers and the integrated amps might not deliver all the sound power you want. However, their compact size and ease of set up are what makes them an excellent include on to your stereo system.

Making the decision to buy powered subwoofers can take some time to do the research online, so we’ve accomplished the heavy lifting for you. Below is an evaluation of the top-rated powered subwoofer on the industry.

Benefits of a Powered Subwoofer

Aside from just being more compact, there are a whole lot of positive aspects to using this type of subs.

    • Relatively simple setup procedure and Convenience: Matching the output power of an amplifier to a subwoofer can be a bit difficult for some inexperienced. It’s well-known that subs need more power than standard speakers to reproduce low-frequency sounds. If an external amplifier does not put out adequate power, the sub(s) starts to distort. Furthermore, because high-powered amplifiers are very active, they can conveniently drain your car’s battery. In the case of powered subs, both the amp and the subwoofer are pre-configured and optimized to work in conjunction, so there’s no requirement to bother yourself with looking for an external amp.
    • Compactness and Space-Conserving: Powered subwoofers are compact in size & weight when in contrast to traditional subwoofers. They occupy less area in a car, which makes them best suited for smaller cars or wherever area is a problem – Sports cars for example.
    • Cost-Effective: Powered subwoofers are quite cost-effective, offered the fact that they come with a created-in amplifier — Conserving the cost of shopping for an external amp to drive the subwoofer.

How To Get Best Powered Subwoofer For Your Car

When you’re buying for a powered subwoofer, there are a variety of elements you ought to think about.

    • Power — If you want your sound system to really shine, there’s no substitute for lots of power. So it is a critical element to be taken into consideration. And more exclusively RMS power managing, which refers to the quantity of power a subwoofer can deal on a continuous basis. You will commonly recognize that manufacturers like to brag about their Peak power. Peak rating refers to the maximum quantity of power that speakers/subwoofers can deal within a brief musical burst. But don’t be fooled by that, RMS represent a more realistic and accurate measure than peak power.
    • Sensitivity — It’s an additional crucial element to be thought of. The increased the sensitivity, the greater. A sub with high sensitivity rating will proficiently convert power applied to it into the bass. To put it simply just, sensitivity goes hand-in-hand with power to attain high-quality output.
    • Frequency assortment — Frequency assortment tells you how low your sub can perform. The lower, the greater. However, there are quite a few other elements that affect sub’s efficiency like box type, mounting location …etc.
    • The dimension of the woofer — It’s a never-ending question — we are not going to debate over which size plays loudest and lowest. All of them work, but if you want to review sizes, I’m afraid you’ll need to think about other variables, like sensitivity, enclosure type, frequency assortment and power managing. However, admittedly, bigger subs are an excellent way to go if you’re searching for more bass and have the area in your car to accommodate them. Otherwise, don’t underestimate smaller subs, they can perform rather nicely if appropriately powered. To sum up, It all boils down to individual preference, space in your car, budget and music taste.

Kicker Compact (Hidden) Powered Subwoofer

kicker_hideaway_powered_subwooferKicker is a big name in car audio. They were the very first brand to develop a focused total assortment speaker exclusively intended for in car use back in the 1970s. They came to prominence on the 2,000’s with the almost legendary Solo-Baric square subwoofers.

This distinct model does not present the same earth-shaking levels of bass as some the 18” offerings from the company, but there is a respectable 150W RMS @ 14.4V that is actively amplified. As with the Kenwood, there is an LPF that filters involving 25 – 120Hz, which is a rather big difference to the 50Hz of the Kenwood.

In particular with electronic music and hip hop, there are lots of notes that drop beneath 50Hz and without a speaker capable of enjoying them, you would simply just hear practically nothing. The wider assortment of Kicker subs over the Kenwood will give you much lower notes with deeper sounding bass response for a fuller sound.

Integrated is an inline cable that can be mounted on the dash somewhere to manage the degree of bass. On the side of the amplifier/subwoofer enclosure are the controls for the LPF and phase controller along with the bass enhancement and controllers. For all but the innovative tweaker, there is a lot of sound management.

It’s more expensive than the Kenwood, but it is a technically superior product in every way from a company that is quite respected in the car audio industry.

Kenwood Ksc-Sw11 Enclosed Powered Subwoofer

Kenwood Ksc-Sw11 Enclosed Powered SubwooferKenwood has been in the audio business for years and makes good, high-quality components that while not being at the top of the line, are far from being budget alternatives. The KSC-SW11 presents acceptable levels of sound at 75W RMS from its compact 8” subwoofer and built-in the amplifier.

It also includes a wired low-pass filter (LPF) to let the consumer filter frequencies involving 50 – 125Hz. On the same wired remote controller, there is a volume controller for the subwoofer and a phase controller.

75W RMS may not seem to be a whole lot, in particular in contrast to trunk based subwoofers that carry from 250W and upwards (with several being about 500W). But when you think about it, this subwoofer is intended to be in the same cabin as the listener and usually right underneath your seat. So it offers a sufficient quantity of punch.

75W can carry enough bass to a system wherever high volume is not a concern, and it will make most music very immersive. Likewise, for those that by now have a trunk based subwoofer, the added punch up front can compensate for lacking door mounted speakers.

Infinity Basslink 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer

Infinity Basslink 10-Inch Powered SubwooferInfinity Basslink is one of the best-marketed powered subwoofers out there. We’ve discovered that a whole lot of folks who have purchased this sub are totally content with what they’ve received and endorse it. Admittedly, it is a nicely-engineered all-in-one bass system that’s created with a compact style in mind and optimized for a high-efficiency bass. So, you won’t have to sacrifice all of your cargo areas to love the bass. This amplified subwoofer can deal with up to 200 watts RMS.

The Infinity Basslink has a 10″ woofer and 10″ passive radiator (also regarded as a “drone cone”)  – expanding efficiency and limiting distortion – as nicely as a spectacular Class D amplifier with 200 watts RMS being integrated into the enclosure. Infinity has integrated specific circuitry into the subwoofer to management voice coil place and to finally keep a linear movement of the cone, so the bass sounds fuller and richer.

The Basslink boasts a wide array of controls like a variable low-pass filter, phase switch and Bass EQ. These will let you tweak and modify your bass according to your liking and taste intensity. And with the integrated mounting brackets, you’ll be capable of mounting the rigid polymer box both horizontally or vertically. This subwoofer also comes with a wired remote management with a 16-ft cable to let you modify the sub’s volume from your dash.

    • Amplifier Power (RMS) : 200 watts
    • Woofer Dimension (inches) : 10″
    • Frequency response : 20-120 Hz
    • Variable Bass EQ : -6 dB to +3 dB @ forty Hz