The Best 6×9 Speakers

If you’re planning to increase the quality of the sound in your vehicle, then the addition of aftermarket 6×9 speakers may be an excellent choice. This type of speaker usually comes as a two-way or as a three-way. A two-way speaker usually consists of a woofer and a tweeter. A three-way speaker may have an additional driver that produces mid-range sound–usually by partially obstructing the woofer, tweeter or both.

It is entirely possible that a two-way or three-way speaker may be modified to produce sounds at varying high to low frequencies. When purchasing 6×9 car speakers, it is important to identify a sound range preference. The speakers that are featured in this review all have sharp sound with ranges from high frequency to thumping bass.


jbl gto 939The JBL GTO939 is a three-way speaker with peak power handling at 300 Watts. Designed for aftermarket installation, it comes with everything needed to install the equipment. When purchased, the speaker is sold as a set (two speakers). It features a carbon-injected plus one cone that allows for a good low-frequency response. The three-ohm speakers allow for rich sound delivery. The system has a 12B/Octave network of speakers that enhances sound quality and allows speakers to form a cohesive sound. These are good ones to put inside a speaker box.

A pair of speakers can be purchased for about $1500 on sale. Customers reported installing in both front and rear speakers decking. With appropriate equalizer adjustment, the sound and clarity of the speakers are great, offering rich vocal sounds. The speakers also have great range–high, mid and low-frequency sound. For those who love bass, the speakers definitely “hit hard” and allow you to feel the beat. This is one of the best car speakers you can buy. Finally, most people reported simple installation; however, some car or truck models require a bit of trimming or reinforcement.

Infinity Reference X REF-9603ix

Infinity ReferenceThis speaker system is another good option for aftermarket installation. The three-way speakers cover the full frequency range. The woofer cones provide quality bass sound. Also, tweeters may be adjusted to enhance high-frequency sound in various locations in the vehicle. The three-way, coaxial speakers work well with installed amplifiers. They offer enough quality sound to diminish environmental distractions from traffic. Peak performance is 300W per speaker.

Most customers reported that these are a step up from stock. Best performance is reportedly in the high to mid frequency range. However, when the volume is high, the bass is quite efficient. Priced at under $100.00 on Amazon, these speakers are a great pick for the budget-minded. Additional reviews reported that the Infinity REF-9603ix speakers come with quality grills, produce great sound at varying volume, and work great with music played on CD and MP3.

Infinity Reference 9633cf

infinity reference 9633cfThese produce really good high-end sound. Sold in pairs, the Infinity Reference car speakers perform best at 300W and the 94 dB range. They feature a plus one woofer cone with great bass sound. The speaker pairs produce a true 4 Ohm experience. The sound produced is most often expected from home stereo systems. Per the manufacturer, they are designed to fit into the space of factory speakers with “little modification” which makes for easy installation.

It appears that these may be installed for a variety of settings in cars, trucks and even motorcycles. If you are a fan of load bass, these speakers provide it. Audiophiles (those who love high-quality sound reproduction) offered a variety of tips for producing top-notch sound with this system. Using the right amplifier, woofers or other appropriate accessories will lead to getting great sound. Please check out the Infinity Marine speakers as well. They are also a nice option for 6×9 speakers.

Kicker 41KSC6934

infinity reference 9633cfThe Kicker KSC6934 Series three-way coaxial speakers are built for awesome, long lasting sound–even with a factory-installed radio. Designed to provide the utmost quality, the Kicker 6934 speaker is equipped with a polypropylene cone woofer and a dome tweeter. It provides clear and smooth sound that is best at mid-range. Peak power handling is at 300 watts (150W per speaker). In addition to quality performance, the speaker is designed to look great. They are slim and includes a black grill which should match most car interiors.

These have good reviews. For those ordering this car speakers online, delivery is swift. The sound output from the stereo speakers is excellent. Similarly to the other car speakers reviewed, these speakers are a step above the factory-grade models that come standard in many vehicles. The Kickers are priced at approximately $150.00 per pair. Depending on the type of vehicle, additional tools may be needed to mount the equipment securely or merely to avoid having the speakers rattle during driving.

Polk Audio DB691

polk-audio-db691Unlike the other speakers, the Polk Audio DB691 is Marine Certified. This means even if they’re not 100% waterproof, these speakers are weatherproof and can withstand varying exposure levels to the sun, water, salt, and temperatures. Beyond resistance to the elements, these speakers provide distortion free sound. Individual peak performance is at 125 watts each and requires a 12 V battery to operate.

Multiple reviewers indicated that these speakers produce high-quality sound. Lows sound so good that several people suggested that the unit worked well without a subwoofer. On the other hand, the highs are well-balanced and do not reproduce overly “shrill” sound. These versatile speakers are used primarily in car and marine applications. However, they may also be used for motorcycles and small home sound systems. These three-way speakers are loud and work well at several volume levels as well as with varying types of music such as rock, heavy metal, rap, country and more.

Pioneer, JBL, Infinity, Kicker and Polk produce some of the best car speakers with good reviews. Their speakers deliver great sound and may be installed with minimal alterations. If they will be used in a boat, motorcycle or another vehicle that may be exposed to the outdoor elements, the Polk DB691 is a good choice.

The video below will help you with the installation of your new 6×9 speakers.