Infinity Marine 6×9 Speakers

Founded in 1968, Infinity is a well-identified brand for automotive audio equipment, loved and respected by informal end users and audiophiles alike. And their marine 6×9 speakers are some their best and their most popular car audio speakers. In fact, Infinity is the official audio spouse of automotive brands like Hyundai and many cars in the Chrysler stable. Apart from making speakers and audio equipment for cars, Infinity also generates a total range of audio products for boats. Infinity marine speakers are commonly reasonably priced, supply terrific performance, and can stand up to the elements as any superior marine speakers should really.

When purchasing marine speakers, the most significant matter you should really seem for is durability. While any speakers can work well on a boat (although a boat’s form features somewhat different acoustical difficulties than a car), the consistent exposure to water and the sun makes it imperative that the speakers be water and climate resistant to a higher degree. People use to prefer the 6×9 size for their car.

Also, when purchasing speakers, you normally take any specifications with a pinch of salt. For instance, most customers have a tendency to go by a number of watts supplied by a system, which is primarily an ineffective amount unless the speaker can basically supply clear audio and render a large range of frequencies. A 500-watt speaker will not necessarily be far better than a 100-watt speaker. Generally spend interest to the actual performance, not specifications.

6.5-inch, 225 Watt, 2-Way Marine Speakers 

The range of Infinity marine speakers commences off with the exceptionally preferred Infinity Reference 612m. This model is not priced low – it will set you back by at least $150 – but it delivers an outstanding performance that combines the best of amazing power with crystal clear clarity. The Infinity 612m has polypropylene woofer cones that are not only lightweight but also totally sealed for marine use. The rubber surrounds have been factory-made to be completely UV-resistant, which implies you can continue to keep these speakers out in the sun for hours with no any danger of damage. The 1-1/4″ polypropylene semi-dome tweeter reproduces crystal clear sound, whilst the speaker itself is specially intended to be moisture resistant. The cast polymer basket that houses the speakers is corrosion proof and will stand up to a higher degree of salt, water, and UV damage.

In terms of real globe performance, the Infinity series has long been the decision of audiophiles and lay clients alike who want to substitute their car/boat’s factory fitted speakers. The audio reproduced is crystal clear there even the bass reproduction is admirable. At 225 watt, you get loads of power for low frequencies as well. The Infinity 612m comes very advised and is terrific for use in boats of all shapes and sizes.

6×9-inch, 105 Watt Marine Speakers 

An additional choice in the Infinity marine speakers range is Infinity Reference 6912m. Priced much decrease than the 612m, the 6912m is a 6×9 speaker that has decreased power but does not compromise on quality. The audio reproduction is nonetheless prime-notch, and the speakers are more than capable of handling a broad range of frequencies. Like the 612m, these speakers are water and UV resistant to a higher degree. If you are hunting for a more cost-effective choice to the 612m, then the 6912m would be fantastic for your boat.

Other Infinity marine speakers are the Wakeboard 6,000m 150-watt tower speaker system, which is terribly expensive at in excess of $400 but delivers an unparalleled performance.